Travel Hammocks

Travel hammocks are designed to be very light and portable, folding up so small that you can put them into briefcase, handbag or ruck sack.  The following three travel hammocks are currently on sale:

  1. Gelert Camping Travel HammockThe Gelert Camping Travel Hammock

    Priced at just £4.95, it is made of nylon and will support a weight of up to 200 kg. It is 350 cm long and 190 cm wide and very easy to set up, coming complete with a compact carry case and a rope.

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  2. blue travel hammockBlue Travel Hammock (657)

    Attractive blue travel hammock from Lime Marketing, priced at only £8.99. Why not treat yourself.

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  3. Hang Out HammockHang-out Hammock

    Available in pink or blue, this little hammock will fit easily into a small bag and makes a great emergency bed. It is 270 cm long and will support a weight of 120 kg, making it suitable for most adults. It can be used anywhere, provided there is something you can attach it to. Ideas include trees – or if you’re at work in your lunch hour having a sneaky nap – a desk or filing cabinet. Just make sure that whatever you attach it to is strong enough to take your weight. This hammock is made from sturdy 3mm nylon cord mesh  with steel rings and 1mm hanging ropes, all  packed into a clear bag.

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