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Rodeo Garden Double Bed

Rodeo Garden Double BedRodeo Garden Double Bed Style Hammock

The Rodeo hammock / Sun Lounger / double bed  is an essential piece of kit for the garden.

The Rodeo Double Bed has a unique design which rocks – no other hammocks or sun loungers that we know of feature this rocking function. In addition, apart from its good looks, the Rodeo is extremely well made and very comfortable.

The frame is made from and has passed a ‘salt test time’ of 1000 hours. This means that it will never, ever rust, unlike cheaper steel framed hammocks.  The cream bed is made from a mesh material which makes it virtually instant dry – water runs straight through it. In addition, the material is  rot proof, UV stabilised and mould proof, meaning that could jump straight out of the pool (if you have one) and onto the bed, to be rocked gently to sleep.

The included cushion is made from

The cushion is made from 100% polyester and also resists water. However, when not in use it should ideally be kept indoors as the foam is not mould proof.

Available in both white and beige, this item could be a great addition to your garden.

Measurements: 2m x 2m

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