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Globo Spruce Double Wooden Swing Seat and Stand

double globo hanging chairGlobo Double Swing Seat / Hanging Chair

The double Globo  chair is made from solid spruce and comes complete with an extra large cushion. The fittings are galvanised so they will last for years, and the spruce wood is obtained from a sustainable source.


Seat Dimensions:

  • Radius: 120cm
  • Width: 175cm, floor space 230cm
  • Depth (outer) 75cm
  • Inner depth with cushion (65cm)

Frame Dimensions:

  • Height: 196cm
  • Depth without chair: 87cm
  • Depth from back to chair front: 137cm
  • Floor space 232 cm
  • Weight: 56.5 kg
  • Maximum weight supported: 250 kg

An optional Globo water resistant cover can alsobe bought. It is made from 100% polyester and is PU waterproofed.

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